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Chippu has now upgraded its hardware, and is now much smarter. The Atmega32 is replaced by a more powerful and feature rich Atmega128 based Wiring Board. It has  53 I/O pins, 8 analog inputs, 2 hardware serial ports, 6 PWM (analog outputs), SPI, TWI, 8 external interrupts pins. Also it can drive a maximum of 24 servo motors. Quite impressive. A motor control board based on L293D was also added. Here are a few shots.

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There are a handful of online shops in india that provides electronics components. Some of them specilizes in robotics components alone, while some specializes in embedded boards, while some others provides all types of components and boards. The prices of the same component varies greatly among different shops, so it is wise to refer as many shops before making a heavy purchase.

The shops  are:

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