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Chippu has now upgraded its hardware, and is now much smarter. The Atmega32 is replaced by a more powerful and feature rich Atmega128 based Wiring Board. It has  53 I/O pins, 8 analog inputs, 2 hardware serial ports, 6 PWM (analog outputs), SPI, TWI, 8 external interrupts pins. Also it can drive a maximum of 24 servo motors. Quite impressive. A motor control board based on L293D was also added. Here are a few shots.

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Chippu Speech Recognition

Chippu has easily learnt to recognize human speech. It uses Julius for speech recognition as explained in the previous post. The following video shows the speech recognition abilities of chippu.

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Speech recognition in Linux is generally considered tough, but it can be done with very good results. Julian is a special version of Julius which performs grammar based speech recognition.  The video shows the the speech recognition in action.


As we can see, there occurs no error in the recognition of sentences.

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Jumping into ROS – The prerequisites

Really you won’t look back if you jump into the world of open source robotics using ROS. The main advantage is that you will not end up re-inventing the wheel.  While ROS is used in many research laboratories and universities, you don’t have to be an academic to use it. The installation instructions of ROS are here and they are pretty straightforward. Once installed and set up, it is time to rock. The basic tutorials about the ROS filesystem,terminology, etc will do very good.

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Robot Operating System (ROS) is a software framework for robot software development, providing operating system-like functionality on a heterogenous computer cluster. It can be called a meta operating system and its development continues primarily at Willow Garage. The latest version of ROS is ROS Electric Emys.

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